Behind the Grape

Through the generations of winemaking, our stories are found within each barrel, each season and in the hands of our artisans – from those who have grown and harvested the grapes, to the vintners involved in making each vintage and of course those who indulge in our wine – here, we share their stories.

The Wine Maker – Sienna Riesling

Con Moshos has been creating wonderful wines since since his early 20’s.  Having completed a Science degree he was drawn to winemaking as a career to apply his discipline and training. Further post-graduate studies in Oenology and Viticulture led to him becoming an integral part of the success and growth of pre-corporate Petaluma for over 20 years.

Con is now an independent consultant to high-quality producers like Smeaton Estate and Tapanappa. His experience in Australia and in many other parts of the world is almost exclusively around single vineyard sites. The Sienna Riesling is a great example of the amazing quality that Con has produced vintage after vintage.


“Adelaide Hills Riesling is often picked way too early. The Smeaton Estate Sienna Riesling is I suspect some of the latest picked fruit in all of Australia, with the result being a delicious and elegantly flavoured wine that wonderfully reflects the fully ripe, balanced fruit.”

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